Poem prompt 2: Who is the you?

Take a look at yesterday’s poem. Who is the you–who are you speaking to?

The you might be someone who was there, someone who wasn’t, a friend, a stranger, a participant you imagine, the perpetrator of the event. It might be yourself in your past. It might be a loved one or it might be someone you don’t like, to put it mildly.

Today, imagine you’re writing a letter to that you from yesterday’s poem. Was the you there? Were you both there? What did you notice? How have you felt about it?

Maybe you weren’t there–and the you was. What do you want to ask them? What do you want them to know?

If your event happened before your birth or memory, or if it happened far away, why do you think it keeps following you?

To help keep link your poems as a sequence, start this new poem with the last line of yesterday’s poem. Or pull an image from that last line and use it in today’s first line. (If it feels awkward, don’t worry. There’s time to sort that out when you revisit and revise–in May!)

Favorite line

First, a small confession. Yesterday, I was so excited that I wrote out my list of words and I chose my word and I wrote my first line and then I wrote my first draft. Whoa! I remembered that I’d recommended writing five first lines, so I went back and wrote four more first lines. I’m glad I did, because it showed me some new ideas and I ended up adjusting my original beginning.

How did yesterday go for you?

My favorite line from yesterday is more than a line. (Can you tell I like to break some rules, especially my own?)

This dread  / cloud floating across the earth without government.

What was your favorite line from your yesterday’s poem? Post it here, and share your inspiration. The more, the merrier.

Happy writing!

2 Replies to “Poem prompt 2: Who is the you?”

  1. Oh, I had a tough time with today’s assignment, mostly because yesterday’s draft didn’t end up with a very simple addressee, probably because my event is rather murky. But I did manage something! Something that works, I think, but only in the context of yesterday’s piece.

    My favorite line, er lines, from my draft yesterday: “love of the world / lush love, long-winded”.

    Thanks for prompts!

  2. Ooh, Mary, thanks for sharing your favorite line. I love all those “l” sounds.

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