Poem prompt 21: You are here

Today, we’ll start another sequence. If you’ve already written about two different events, here’s a chance to knit them together, to further explore what resonates between them. Or you can choose a new event.

Think about where your event took place. This might be the same place you explored in day 11, or it might be somewhere different.

Now imagine the most specific location possible–not a city, but a room in a city, not a forest, but a specific tree. Choose something small enough that you could see all of it at the same time. How was it before? How is it now? Describe what’s lost and what’s left, or what’s gained and what’s forgotten.

If you’ve been exploring two events, can you look at two places and tie them together?

Favorite line

It took me awhile to find a painting to use for yesterday’s poem–and I haven’t been able to find out much about the painting or the painter, who uses a pseudonym, but here’s my favorite line:

all angles and gold nostalgia

Did you write an ekphrastic poem yesterday? What was your favorite line?

2 Replies to “Poem prompt 21: You are here”

  1. I’m still hanging in there, although this past week was a difficult one: so much going on emotionally in the news that finding writing equilibrium was hard.

    My favorite line from yesterday’s ekphrastic prompt, which I completely loved, was “more probiscus than beak”.

    I’m also thankful I managed to come up with a decent event for this new series. I was being prompted to death by having a weakly-defined event for the past two series.

    And I do love that line you shared.

  2. Thank you for hanging in here with me! Your line intrigues me. I look forward to hearing about your events at the end of the month.

    And thanks on the line.

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