Poem prompt 24: Ask, ask, ask

Think about a perpetrator in your event. Or think about a victim. This could be the you from day 2, the something from day 3, the black sheep, someone else entirely, or a group of people.

Write down three questions you’d want to ask them. Write a letter poem using the three questions. “Dear” isn’t required. Can you start with the last line from yesterday’s poem?

Favorite line

Favorite line from yesterday? I can’t decide between

as an oyster woos its trouble into a pearl


its secrets spilled in the sink

What was your favorite line from yesterday?

One Reply to “Poem prompt 24: Ask, ask, ask”

  1. Oh, wow, that oyster line is really great!

    I think I’ll go with “small lives slip—insect to pest” although it’s tough because I managed a lot of wonderful enjambments in this particular draft.

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