Poem prompt 27: Small acts

What are things you do every day? What would people do every day during the time of your event (or events)? Try narrowing it down to one thing. Imagine their experience–how does it impact yours, how does it change it?

This prompt was adapted from The Poet’s Companion.

Favorite line

I realized when I was writing yesterday’s poem that I wasn’t necessarily responding to the lines of the starter poem I’d chosen–but that having those lines there provided this scaffolding that allowed me to write more easily. The structure of the existing lines felt liberating.

It might be a bit too much, but here’s my favorite line:

the cherry trees like rows of rose constellations

What was yours?

One Reply to “Poem prompt 27: Small acts”

  1. I wish you could revise that line to somehow pun on rose/rows 🙂

    Yesterday’s exercise was a lot of fun, amazing how anything can get warped into what you’re working on! I’m going to go with “beginnings are as intricate as tatting knots”.

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