Poem prompt 29: What’s next?

Today’s poem is the last poem in this series. Tomorrow, you’ll have your choice of two stand-alone prompts.

For today, write a prediction. Write it in the future tense (writing in the future tense always lends a kind of seer tone to the voice, a prognostication).

Favorite line

My favorite line from yesterday’s poem:

nine hundred kinds of sadness and no hope.

(Clearly I need a prediction–something positive!)

What was your favorite line from yesterday’s poem?

2 Replies to “Poem prompt 29: What’s next?”

  1. I have a section in the middle of yesterday’s draft that’s all short lines and I like them: “you listened harder / the sails swelling / white corners whipping / night wind / four stars streaming / supernova ejecta / billowing your hypotheses”

    Yes, something positive! I would have thought I’d have only negative things to write for my prediction but I managed a positive one and hope you do to.

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