Poem prompt 3: Where one things speaks for another

(Today’s prompt is adapted from “Getting at Metaphor” in The Practice of Poetry. I’ll be including several exercises from this book to help us drive our explorations this month.)

Empty Pike Place MarketThinking about the event you’ve chosen, describe one object or scene without making comparisons.

Next, choose a person–it could be the you from yesterday’s poem or it could be a key person or character from the two poems you’ve written so far.

Use the object or scene to describe the person–and now you can use as many comparisons as you want. As Roger Mitchell says, “indulge yourself in comparisons.”

Now, write a poem that is a description of the object or scene from your event but is really about the person.

The fun, tricky part–start your poem with the last line of yesterday’s poem, or with images from that line.

Favorite line

Another confession: Yesterday I was so excited to find my you that I plunged into the poem. Then I went back and started with the last line of the first day’s poem. A little tweaking, and the results were eerie.

My favorite line from day 2:

What was it like to leave for three days plus forever?

What was your favorite line from yesterday? Feel free to share it here.

3 Replies to “Poem prompt 3: Where one things speaks for another”

  1. Wow! Seeing these only a line or two at a time is so intriguing–like getting just a glimpse of what’s behind the curtain before it rises. Thanks for sharing.

  2. a glimpse of what’s behind the curtain before it rises.

    I feel the same way! I have no idea what your poems are about, and I don’t want to know until the end, so I can keep puzzling about the glimpses. Thanks.

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