Poem prompt 5: Large to small, or small to large

Today, we’re exploring more contexts.

If your event is a world event, find some personal event that could correspond–that reflects or echoes your memory or feelings about the big event, and write about this personal experience.

If the event you’ve chosen is a personal event–something that happened to you or something you did–find a corresponding world/historical event, and write about that.

If you have a hard time coming up with a personal experience, think about why you’ve chosen this event, why has it haunted you. If you’re still having a hard time,┬átry this exercise from The Practice of Poetry: Write out as quickly as you can at least 20 intensely physical experiences that you’ve had. When you’re done, give yourself a minute and look at your list. What stands out as the most vivid? How does it relate to your event?

Favorite line

From yesterday’s poem, my favorite line:

We walked down the aisle like brides in bad marriages–

What was your favorite line from yesterday’s poem? Feel free to share it here.


3 Replies to “Poem prompt 5: Large to small, or small to large”

  1. Well, I guess it was time to have a bad draft; yesterday’s was not good. I managed to find a POV that fit the prompt but I just didn’t like what I got out, although I got out 30 lines of something. I don’t think I have a decent line to share, at least not out of context. Yikes.

  2. Mary, so sorry–and props for getting 30 lines of anything. I hope today goes better.
    I’m finding that working on the same subject matter over days immerses me–while I’m working on one day’s poem, I’m seeing new images for earlier poems. I’ve also found that trying to make notes on earlier poems while on the elliptical trainer at the gym does not work so well. Learning…

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