Poem prompt 7: Timeline

Yesterday, we time-traveled. Today, we’re going to play with time again.

Look up the date on which the event you chose occurred. Now search for that date–in that year and in any other years.

What else happened on that day? Or who was born or died on that day?

How do those other events connect or play a counterpoint to your event. How do they resonate with you in the context of your event?

Favorite line

I confess–I might be cheating. Because I’ve been starting each poem with the last line from the day before, sometimes I’ll pull some crazy arrangements to get the last line I want–sticking it at the end and then working back from it. My favorite line from yesterday’s poem is the last line from yesterday’s poem:

The earth like a bear turning in her sleep holds her elements close.

What was your favorite line from the poem you wrote yesterday–using these prompts or any others? Will you share it in the comments?

One Reply to “Poem prompt 7: Timeline”

  1. This was a doozy because my event is already many decades old. But going still further into the future was illuminating. Best line (currently) is still the opening one: “she was a seer”.

    Thanks again for doing this!

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