Prompt 4: The you answers your poem

Yesterday was a hard prompt for me–did you find it hard? Write two pieces before you even start your poem? Really? And for me, it included Research (with that capital R).

Today is more straightforward.

Imagine the you (from your Who is the you poem) is responding to your letter. Try to get inside her or him, see that point of view.

Keeping the poems linked? Start today’s poem with the last line of yesterday’s poem.

Bonus option: Try using similes that change direction. This suggestion comes from The Poet’s Companion, by Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux. One example they provide: “Your teeth are like the stars. They come out at night.” These might get scary, which might or might not be what your You would say. But it’s a way to push your thinking beyond your comfort zone.

Favorite line

I struggled with this–partly because I didn’t know enough about my person and there weren’t many details connecting him to my event. Partly from the vast distance between him and my scene. Partly from thinking I should write without judgment, yet feeling like the context was all about judgment. How do you balance that?

But from yesterday’s writing my favorite line:

The reading lamp switched off like a mouth without secrets

What was your favorite line from yesterday’s poem? Post it in the comments, so we can share in the moral support.

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  1. Ooh, I’m glad you got a draft you like. Thanks for sharing your favorite line.

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