Today, look at poems from the poet whose voice you’ve been absorbing–or a poem by someone else about your event, or take one of your own poems from the month.

Choose one line and imagine it’s the epigraph for the poem you’re writing today. (Or use it as the epigraph!)

Favorite line

I’m finding it hard to write the poems that address real people or speak from their point of view. I want to write like Lynda Hull, with empathy and without judgment. But my favorite line from yesterday’s poem:

history’s cradle fault-rocked

What was your favorite line from the poem you wrote yesterday?

4 Replies to “Springboard”

  1. Yesterday’s draft is a mess, but hopefully it will turn into something with revision. How about these lines? “There is no sleuthing back / to your inception, your hitch-hike / mi celula es tu celula”.

  2. I’ve written in the voice of Pandora, in the voices of a whole cast of characters in the Camargue in Southern France, and in the voice of a family of sharecroppers in the south in the thirties. Those first two were the easiest, because they were basically made-up personas. In the sharecropper poems, I risked misrepresenting someone’s experience by filtering it through my own. In these poems, I feel that same potential risk of misrepresentation, but I’m writing about or from the viewpoint a real person who’s alive today. That’s what’s scary to me–the very large possibility of getting it wrong.

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