Stand-alone poem prompt: Last day of NaPoWriMo 2013

To close out the month, I offer two options:

  • Write another ekphrastic poem.
  • Create a poem made up of lines from your other poems. Like a cento, but drawing from your own writing this month. You can use first lines or last lines or your favorite lines throughout the month, or whatever line in a poem fits. Play with the order. Enjoy.

I hope you’ve had a fun poetry month. And many thanks to Mary, who has hung in here with me and shared such wonderful lines.

Favorite line

My favorite line from yesterday’s poem:

that tug toward your past and the weight of other

What was your favorite line from the poem you wrote yesterday?

2 Replies to “Stand-alone poem prompt: Last day of NaPoWriMo 2013”

  1. Thank you, Joannie for all the hard work of preparing and posting prompts. (Sorry, still in poet voice.) I gained a lot this month from what you so freely gave.

    Favorite lines from yesterday were “There will be a line of granddaughters / who will love the eel with hypotheses and GPS trackers”.

    And I’m going to do both today’s prompts, just not today (no time for preparing for the cento). Favorite lines from today’s ekphrastic draft: “Forty thousand words under the sea / and still they miss her point: inseparability.”

    Thank you!!!!!

  2. Love them both! Tomorrow, let’s reveal our events.

    I still have to draft my poem–and I’ll likely defer the cento unless I have a lot of energy tonight.

    I’m so glad you’ve found the prompts helpful, and I’ve really enjoyed your lines.

    Looking forward to tomorrow.

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