When will you mow the lawn? and other writing questions

From October to February, I was working on two chapbook manuscripts–one at a time. Deep immersion. Much doubt. Much self-doubt. Often ready to chuck the whole thing(s). And I had deadlines, contest deadlines. Looking back, I realize I was happy.

I’ve often said I like to work on poems in a series or poems that are part of a project. That four-month span proves it to me.

In March, I focused family stuff and getting ready for poetry month. In April, I focused on poetry month prompts and 30 drafts. And started a new job at my job. I kept saying that in May I’d have time and energy to concentrate on my house and yard–to really clean and catch up on chores. May’s almost over. Some cleaning. Some weeding and pruning. Son mowing the lawn.

But when I remember that big push, I think, “I want that.” I want the next project, the next challenge, the deep immersion, the iteration–revise, revise, revise–the questions and experimentation.

Not exactly mature, or grown-up. I realize I need to juggle–or better, balance: family (always important), work (job), housework, yard work and writing. But in my heart, I want the deep dive.

When are you happiest writing?

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  1. I am happiest writing when the piece comes into my head nearly fully formed and I cannot wait to get it on to paper. Of course, this usually happens when I’m driving…

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