Gratitude, with family, friends, and tomatoes

Tomato plantI’ve had a hard time settling down to write here lately. Maybe April’s poetry push and May’s flurry of activities wiped me out. I don’t know. Yesterday, I was looking for a card for my sister’s 50th birthday, and I found one that said, “Sometime around the age of 50 you may realize something very important…and then Poof it’s gone and you can’t remember what the Hell you were just thinking about.” Hmm. That’s sounding like me these days.

But the gratitude journal both reminds me to be thankful and nudges me to open up and write down. It adds to the rhythm of my week. And this week I’ve been thankful for:

My sister

Any sleep (a theme)

Any quiet

But also the morning birds, and the hummingbird that kept buzzing me yesterday (I finally went inside for a while so he could have the yard to himself)

My son’s interview going well

Tom’s enthusiasm and support for my office project

Progress on the office project


Basil plantsTomato starts, and getting them planted, along with some basil

The chance to indulge in this fantasy garden, that from the tomato names I can imagine the tomatoes–which is good, because imaginary tomatoes might be all I end up with

Blue sky, sun

A new month, and every new day

Open the door. Open my heart.