Gratitude, sneaking in on Monday

A full weekend, a full day yesterday, so the gratitude journal comes in a little late.

And first, I’ll confess that I’ve been saddened by the verdict in the Zimmerman case. I’m not thankful for those times when what appears blindingly right collides with the rules of law. An injustice. And I’m not buying the argument that any young man in reasonable shape can run a four-minute mile.

Amid that sadness, I remain thankful:

Thankful for these summer days–the magnificent blue sky. I might not feel that way if I hadn’t lived in Seattle for most of my life. But that color continues to astonish me.

Thankful for sleep and that I woke up on my own the morning I forgot to set my alarm.

Thankful we survived trimming the laurel–Tom up on the ladder and me hanging onto it trying to be a counterbalance. Now the hedge is trimmed and the leaves in the bin. Whew.

On to a new week.

Open the door. Open my heart.