Gratitude, with sun and races

I started the gratitude journal to counteract my Sunday funk–the blue moods I get in. But sometimes I’m so busy and having so much fun, that I don’t have time for the blues or the journal. In this case, I guess coming in late is a good thing. So here’s the Monday edition.

I’m thankful for lots of time outside and lots of writing time (even though that’s been inside).

A trip up to the park to see the dahlias.

An evening tasting wine on friends’ deck and enjoying their lovely garden.

Writing Studio time Saturday and Sunday.

Finally making some progress on (some of) the weeds.

My husband, and being able to take him out for a birthday dinner down on the waterfront and watch the sailboat races.

And for a sunny Sunday afternoon at the bicycle races in Georgetown–a great way to spend a Seattle summer afternoon.