Gratitude, with weather for watering

It’s summer in Seattle and I have much to be thankful for. This week:

The birds, especially in the morning.

Sleep. It’s been a good week for sleep.

Visiting friends on the fourth. Good company, good food, good times.

A four-day weekend! So healing, even though we were so busy. Seven and a half hours putting together furniture on Thursday, another four or five hours on Friday (for me, Tom got a  head start and worked even longer). A little more work on Saturday, and then I had my writing studio.

My writing studio, and a little time to write in it.

All the sun and warmth. Yes, I spent most of it inside working on the studio, but it still lifted my spirits. Now, I need to water the basil, tomatoes, and beans.

A little time with my daughter (shopping at the mall = ugh, but daughter-time = great), followed by a little time with my mom (sitting on the terrace at her new place, surrounded by beautiful plantings–hydrangeas, cape fuchsias, and so much more that I don’t remember the names of).

Seeing the baby ducklings up at the Koi ponds, especially when they walked across the lily pads.

Walking through the arboretum with Tom. More baby ducklings! Much mud! (If the sign says Marsh Island, what can you expect? I kept wondering whether Disney had made a movie called “Escape from Marsh Island” and remembering the quick-sand scenes on the “Tarzan” TV show when I was a kid.)

Oh, these long days. This wide and generous light.

Open the door. Open my heart.