Monday’s Sunday gratitude journal

Sneaking in late with the gratitude journal, after yesterday’s busy afternoon of laundry and wine trials (getting ready to bottle the 2011 reds).

It was a great week:

I’m thankful that it’s still light out when I wake up and light out late enough for walking in the park after dinner.

I’m thankful for my writing group and all the women in it, thankful for their poems and the chance to learn from them.

Thankful for a rockin’ time at the zoo Friday night, pouring wine for Cloudlift Cellars. The weather was perfect and people brought their picnics and we were busy, busy, busy. It was great!

Thankful for my book club and our annual poetry event–an evening on the deck (cheers to summer!) with poems and more good times.

Thankful for a Sunday breakfast with my daughter. I picked her up, she got coffees for us while I shopped (a real treat, because I rarely drink fancy coffee), and then we made breakfast together. That was the best part: together.

Happy Monday!

Open the door. Open my heart.