Welcome to the Writing Studio

Room with a desk and bookshelves

I now have my room of my own.

A while back, I mentioned that I generally have Saturday afternoons for writing while Tom is working at the tasting room. She said, “Oh, you have studio time.” I loved that. It reminded me of when I was dancing and choreographing and would rent dance studio time.

Now I have studio time and a Writing Studio.

Many (many!) thanks go to my family. My daughter donated her old room. My son helped schlepp stuff. My husband helped put it all together–including two trips to Ikea and lots of assembly. Plus letting me start work on the assembly (hard for a professional furniture maker–why can’t I screw a screw in straight?). I did make the table that holds the printer (not shown in the photograph) all by myself. It took days.

After we got all the bookcases up and stocked, I was going through files and found my first-ever after-high-school publication: two poems in Famous Last Words.

Small folded publication

Yep. My last name was Anderson then.

Two poems


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  1. Well its about time my favorite writer/empty-nester got a room of her own!! I’d also like to mention to all of your readers, that I knew you when you were Joannie Anderson and when you were a dancer!
    Love you!

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