Sunday gratitude, summer style

beach, ocean, bluffThis week, I’m thankful for our trip to Manzanita, OR. It’s one of my favorite places–where I start to feel better as soon as I get out of the car and start to walk, as soon as I can hear the ocean.

One of the best parts about going to Manzanita is time with family–just hanging out together, talking, walking on the beach, reading, eating. And the trip to the local bookstore, Cloud and Leaf. I love to support the local economy by buying books. Now I have more to read.

I’m also thankful for time with my two younger kids. Dinner together outside on Friday night and then a trip to the zoo yesterday. In a sea of little kids, I had my 20 and almost-23 year olds. And I learned something new about vultures. The weaverbirds were very yellow. And their nests, like knots of greenery.
Weaverbird (300x168)
The lions and snow leopards were sleepy. The wolves were quiet. The baby giraffe was adorable. The orangutan had a black bucket over his head (please everybody just go away). The grizzly bears entertained (they might be grizzly and scary, but they are clowns). The joke of the day: a real sign that said “Please don’t touch the porcupine.” (Really?) And even though the zoo has closed the Night House exhibit, we saw some bats. Mostly, it was just great to have time and be out and walking around.

Open the door. Open my heart.

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