Gratitude, with 3 tons of grapes

During harvest, grapes come up a lot. Today, it was Semillon and Merlot. Solid eight-hour day (well, including lunch), after a night when I slept marginally. This week, I’m thankful for:

What sleep I got.

Getting my words written. (I’ve passed the 25,000-word mark.)

My supportive husband.

Indian food delivered to my house! How amazing is that?

My team at work and the surprise party they through me to celebrate my 15 years at the company.

My poetry group–and their poems!

A poetry acceptance. (I can’t honestly say I’m thankful for the rejections–but they do open up poems to send out somewhere else.)

A ton of writing time on Saturday.

Tom making it home from his trip to pick up grapes even though the rental truck broke down.

The people who helped us press (the Semillon) and crush (the Merlot), and that we finished before the lightning and thunder began in earnest.

Open the door. Open my heart.