Gratitude, with fuse lit

Home from a wonderful weekend at LiTFUSE, with so much gratitude. I’m thankful for a weekend in Tieton, a place from my childhood, a place that draws me open and makes me sing inside. Some changes this year: orchards in front of my uncle’s house have been ripped out and replanted (a gap in the landscape–more air, more of the valley) and Vicki’s CafĂ© is now Johnny’s Pizza. I can’t remember a time in my life without Vicki’s. It reminds me that change is a part of continuing.

I’m thankful for the chance to study with Dorianne Laux, Jennifer Sweeney, Alice Derry, Tatyana Brown, Chad Sweeney, and Christopher Howell. (It was a packed weekend.)

I’m thankful for spending time with old friends and meeting new people.

I’m thankful for all the readings–so many poems!

I’m thankful for the chance to stock up on more poetry books. And I’m thankful for Open Books, where I can get the book that sold out.

I’m thankful to Mighty Tieton for putting on this wonderful weekend (this was the seventh year).

I’m thankful my car made it there and back.

I’m thankful to be home with my husband and son and cat, and to feel recharged.

Onward to Monday. Open the door. Open my heart.