Gratitude journal

I’ve been off my schedule, and I feel like I haven’t written in days. Other needs have intervened. Each day, I get up and say, “Today, I’m going to do x.” Which falls apart, rapidly. (For example, I was going to post my gratitude journal yesterday, and even started it, but the day turned in a different direction and added some more things to be grateful for.)

Today I tried to avoid planning more than one thing, and that turned out to be good.

But in the midst of changes, of great flux, I’m thankful for:

Being able to hop a bus at 8:00 at night and go out, meet friends, sing karaoke. This is when I’m thankful to live in the city.

The support of friends, and for help with my resume.

Time with my daughter, my sons, my sister, my dad. A good week for visiting–for just hanging out.

All the poetry going on in this town, and to actually get out in it a couple of nights this past week.

Emergency rooms–a way to get help.

When things get better (and people get better).

Books I can carry in my purse.

My son’s new journey, and I wish him well.

Open the door. Open my heart.