2 days left to enter the free poetry giveaway


We held the drawing this morning, and I’ve notified the winner.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is enjoying a fun and relaxing Friday.


It’s easy! Leave a comment here, and you’re entered to win a free copy of Into the Rumored Spring.

If commenting is too much of a hassle, send a message to joannieks AT msn DOT com, with Poetry Giveaway in the subject line. (I’ll delete all the messages after the contest; your address won’t be used for anything else.)

Friday, we’ll do the drawing and notify the winner. Then you’ll receive your free book in the mail.

To whet your poetry appetite, here’s a poem from the book:

A Crow Means Everything

A feather on wet pavement,
wings the tinge of midnight,
the rough cry rattling her morning.
In the back of a closet,
a black frock without pockets
on a faded silk hanger.
Who needs this dirge of a dress?
She will write people
who wear pink and walk
by blue water, who plant petunias
in the damp spring and read
magazines about Mongolia or Peru,
characters who speak a flock of languages
and open their hands to find
five days dribbled into the harbor
like pennies in a stone fountain
or stale bread scattered. She will
describe the falling twilight sky.
When the murder makes its own weather,
a wheeling dusk, that flurry
blocks what sun will show.
If there is one way to fly,
the crows will find the other.


Enter by commenting or sending me a message with Poetry Giveaway in the subject line. Then, if you haven’t already, hop over to Martha’s site and enter to win a copy of The Daily Poet.

(“A Crow Means Everything” has also appeared in Crab Creek Review and A Din to Fight a Monster’s Ear.)

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  1. I love crows: so clever, so cautious, so raucous. All alike, each an individual. Thanks for the image of the flurry of a murder making its own black weather.

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