Sunday gratitude, out and about

It’s been a busy week, even though now I’m huddled under a blanket with my Raynaud’s syndrome (which makes typing more challenging).

I’m thankful that I’m starting to adjust to the time change, and for some sleep.

I’m thankful for getting out of the house two nights in a row. I’m still finding it hard to achieve escape velocity, but Wednesday was a wine-pouring gig (on a covered deck, and I’ll take a moment to say thanks for patio heaters). Thursday was an art opening with poignant art pieces by T. The show is up through November. It was a chance to celebrate, to enjoy good company, and later eat cake–really chocolate cake.

I’m thankful I reached 50K words on my novel.

I was thankful to receive a letter from my kid–and I’m sending him good (GOOD) thoughts.

I’m thankful for fair weather over the pass each way on our trip to Kennewick. We didn’t get any east-side-of-the-state sun, but it wasn’t raining or snowing.

I’m thankful for the job opportunities that are out there–thankful and applying.

Open the door. Open my heart.