How do you call, when do you act?

When do you click a link?

My next book is coming out in February, so I’ve been thinking a lot about marketing–or getting the word out, finding your audience. (If it’s your audience, your messages don’t sound like marketing. They sound like information–helpful information.)

There’s the message, and then there’s that call to action. Subscribe. Start now. Sign up today. Buy my book. For Into the Rumored Spring, the message is Buy my book because author proceeds go to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I wanted to make that opportunity more available, so I put a picture of the book on every page of this site (look to your left) and over on the sofa. The cover photo links to the book’s page on the Ravenna Press website.

Not a lot of clicks.

I thought that maybe the picture by itself wasn’t enough, so I added a text link, my value proposition, my explanation–my call. Still no clicks.

Maybe it’s being in that left-hand column. I’ve been looking at new WordPress templates to update my site and get that call-to-action in a more visible and appealing place.

Maybe I’m not reaching all of my audience, or all of my audience has already read Into the Rumored Spring (and I thank you heartily for that).

Maybe it needs to look more like a button. Jeannine Hall Gailey made a bright button for her special promotion and put it inside the blog post. Brilliant!

Then I looked at my site’s exit link stats, and even the inline links don’t get much action. Even the not-at-all-marketingy link to the gravity-powered light and the soccer ball generator, which I thought were super cool.

What piques your curiosity enough to click? How do you capture people’s imaginations and encourage action?