Sunday gratitude journal, with lights

I’m thankful for poetry, for what it does to me, what it opens for me–like this poem by Connie Post and this one by Judith H. Montgomery and this poem by Frannie Lindsay. (And thank you to Edward Byrne for assembling this collection.)

I’m thankful for my poetry group–for the amazing poems people brought this week and for the chance to work with these women and learn from them over many years.

I’m thankful for my book club friends and for getting to hang out and giggle with an almost-six-year-old. Hilarity. (Hint: Handerpants. I laughed until I wept.)

I’m thankful for an abundance of time with my daughter–shopping for Christmas gifts and searching for craft supplies at Loewe’s. People were so helpful–and my sister pointed out that I was with my daughter. I should just take her shopping with me everywhere. It was fun.

I’m thankful for time with my dad.

I’m thankful for time with friends from my old job–it’s wonderful to see them and to enjoy their wit and good company.

I continue to be thankful for all the people connecting with me on LinkedIn and meeting with me to share their insights and experiences.

I’m thankful for opportunities and new ideas–even if they sound a little crazy.

I’m thankful we got the outside lights up this afternoon. Every year I feel conflicted, because I love the lights and I’m so happy to see them on our street and all around town, but they use energy and they burn out so quickly (talk about planned obsolescence). Then when they’re up and lit and it’s dark out, I’m glad we added this brightness to enjoy and share with our neighbors.

Open the door. Open my heart.