Saturday poetry pick

What a wonderful week for reading poetry. I found myself daily smitten with Incarnadine, Mary Szybist’s book. It won the National Book Award–but I’ll admit that I didn’t read it because of that. I read Incarnadine because of this poem sent to me in Kenyon Review’s Weekend Reads email.

Oh, my.

Maybe this is why I haven’t written reviews–because I just want to blubber and gush and tell you how this book is plain-spoken and layered and sumptuous all at the same time, how the Marys and the Annunciation theme thread through its pages. I want to tell you about the erasures and the diagram and the poem that incorporates texts from Robert Byrd and George W. Bush, and then we’ll get to “Happy Ideas.” I should start by telling you about “The Troubadours Etc.“, and then I’d want to tell you about “Annunciation (from the grass beneath them)” and I don’t have a link for it, but that is a great reason to go out and buy or borrow this book.

It’s always inspiring to read the poems I want to write–a kind of heartbreaking joy, in the best way.

Happy reading.

One Reply to “Saturday poetry pick”

  1. “a kind of heartbreaking joy” — yes!
    That’s what really good poetry does, I think.
    Breaks our hearts with joy.

    Thank you for pointing me to these poems.
    A book to borrow, yes.


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