Saturday poetry pick

Someone, somewhere, had the fantastic idea of reading one poetry book a week and then at the end of the week posting a poem from the book. It was a way to get through the stack of unread books and share.

Brilliant, I thought. I’m going to steal, or reuse, that idea. But now I can’t find the post. If you know who it is, or you are who it is, please let me know. Credit needs to go where credit is due.

In the meantime, I spent the week reading The Archival Birds, by Melissa Kwasny. These poems have gravitas. They’re measured, deliberate, giving the reader enough time to absorb and live in their moment without feeling slow. Focusing on the image, they look at the natural world both as an observer and as a part of it. Maybe be able to describe this better after I finish reading Ms. Kwasny’s Earth Recitals: Essays on Image & Vision.

In the meantime, visit the Bear Star Press site to read Ms. Kwasny’s poem Famine.

What are you reading?

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