Sunday gratitude, downhill

This morning started off active–meeting other women and exploring our creativity. I’m thankful for that.

Sunday at the end of the week in which I was thankful:

Thankful for a week of poetry readings. I, the woman who never gets out of the house, attended three readings, heard so much good poetry, plus prose and a craft talk.

Thankful for the inspiration in this article–skiing, process, getting better.

Thankful for the clear nights and mornings when I could see stars.

Thankful Tom had a good trip on the other side of the mountains and got over the pass safely.

Thankful for making good progress on my manuscript.

Thankful for some pretty good sleep–especially after reading this article about why your brain needs sleep.

Thankful for food and a roof over my head–especially in this weekend’s sweeps of rain and hail.

Open the door. Open my heart.