Sunday gratitude, with dancing and crows

This afternoon I went to see Shirley Jenkins‘s dance concert Women… Gotta Luv ‘Em. Such gorgeous dancers–sweeping, lifting, falling. Such sumptuous music. I felt like I was dancing with them, my body’s memory and desire moving beyond what my body could ever really do. I’m thankful for those years I pursued dance and choreography, to have those struggles and the fleeting moments of grace. And I’m thankful for the concert, bringing it all back and taking me somewhere new.

The copies of my new book arrived on my front porch Wednesday, and I’m thankful for that. In the tough patches of this transition, the times when I’ve doubted myself or my abilities, I’ve told myself, “I have a book coming out,” which helped stop the bad tape loop.

I’m thankful for help with my work-search and thankful for meeting new people. And I’m thankful that more job opportunities are starting to show up, now that we’re past the holidays.

I’m thankful for independent bookstores.

I’m thankful for a poem idea. (Now, I need to write it.)

I’m thankful for brunch with my dad, husband, daughter, and her boyfriend. Family time is good time.

Open the door. Open my heart.