Saturday poetry pick: William Stafford

What a gift to spend this week with poems by William Stafford. A kind of healing.

On January 23rd, I went to a Stafford centennial celebration reading at The Elliott Bay Book Company and bought a copy of Ask Me, 100 of Stafford’s poems. And they have been a blessing.

Often the words are quiet, the words are plain, the poem isn’t trying to be clever, but it carries a lot of listening under the surface. Without asking for attention, the poem invites it. Often, I read these poems two or three times, going back again to feel both language and meaning resonate.

I confess I feel idiotic for having taken so long to immerse myself in Stafford’s poems. Fortunately, he wrote many of them–an abundance of books awaits.

Here are links to two of the poems included in Ask Me:

A Ritual to Read to Each Other

Looking across the River

What are your favorite poems by William Stafford?