Poetry month prep

Suddenly, we’re here. Poetry month begins in two days.

Because I like working in projects, last year I posted prompts for writing about events. This year, I’m going to post prompts for writing persona poems–30 days of writing about someone else.

A couple of months ago, I was thinking about Mary Todd Lincoln, which gave me this idea.

I recall one teacher saying that when you’re writing a persona poem, it’s better not to know too much (I guess to avoid having the facts stack up like blocks and keep you from getting to the poem). But to write 30 poems about someone, I think some background information is helpful.

These are going to be fairly lightweight, simple prompts–just enough to get you going.

Like last year, I’ll post my favorite line from the previous day’s poem, and I’ll invite you to share yours–whether you write from all of the prompts or just one.

Counting down…

4 Replies to “Poetry month prep”

  1. Sorry!
    Some ideas:
    Anyone from history
    Anyone from history’s mother, father, sibling, or spouse
    Anyone from your family history
    A character from fiction, even if it isn’t the main character (for fiction examples of this, I’m thinking of Wicked and Ahab’s Wife).

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