Day 10 poetry writing prompt

On day six, we wrote from the perspective of the persona as a child.

Today, write a poem in which the person remembers where he or she grew up. Where did the person live? What was their favorite room in the house, or their favorite thing to do? Who was their best friend?

The person might be looking back on the same time you wrote about on day six, or another time.

3 Replies to “Day 10 poetry writing prompt”

  1. Hey, Joannie, I’m going to keep trying to respond to prompts but I don’t have as much time right now as I need in order to research my persona to do justice to your prompts. So I’ll be flitting in and out in the comments, depending on whether I already know enough about my persona to address a prompt. On the other hand, I’ve been collecting a ton of research materials, so thank you for the impetus!

  2. Mary, thanks so much for your participation so far–and flitting in and out is fine. I’m coming up against a shortage of research time, too–which is another reason I’ll be revisiting these poem drafts later. In the meantime, poetry month brings a bounty of prompts!

  3. From today’s poem:

    their voices gossip-low
    and the shush of air battered
    by fans, the only agitation

    I know it’s three lines instead of one.

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