Day 4 poetry prompt

You know how sometime you’re looking for something, and you walk from a different direction and find it? Today’s prompt is almost like that.

Write about the yesterday’s event a month after it takes place.

How does time change the lens through which you, or your persona, see things?

P.S. I find that titles continue to plague me.

4 Replies to “Day 4 poetry prompt”

  1. Favorite line, um, stanza from today:

    To lose my eyes, gouge out / their precious deceptions / and make the black complete.

  2. Titles are for 1 May! In a rush, do them all at once! Or, at least I think that shall be my plan.

    I’m a day late, but here’s my darlings stuffs:

    “underside / of the fungus up, umbrella / against the clear summer sky, / its stem melting into the earth”

  3. Nice tension between the umbrella image, the clear sky, and the melting.

    It’s such a mystery to see a line or a few a day–tantalizing.

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