Day 5 poetry writing prompt

One more day on the event you’ve been exploring: As your persona, write about the event a year later.

Does it feel distant, like looking through the wrong end of the telescope–or does it feel painfully or joyfully fresh? Is memory tucked in a box, now taken out and dusted off, or has it been a constant companion, intensifying over the months?

2 Replies to “Day 5 poetry writing prompt”

  1. I thought about lengthening my lines, but I want this to read slowly, so I’m posting two lines:

    I wake and walk, body a casket / for my past, stone coffin to keep

  2. I’m fascinated by your comment here, that you write short lines so that you’ll read them slowly. Is that what you meant? How does that work for you? I would have hurried through short lines, myself, so I’m curious to hear how you think about this.

    My darlings:
    “The papers speak pages for the dead, / earth uplifted, lives of its dark denizens”

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