Day 6 poetry writing prompt

Write from the persona’s perspective as a child.

Sounds easy, right? Imagine them a child–where did they live, what would have been an important day, what might they have noticed in the world around them?

I’m struggling with this one, though, and I haven’t even started. Although my person became an abolitionist, her father was a slave owner. So that’s how she grew up. What would be the perspective of a six-year-old child? What would be the language–and that’s what I shy from, because I don’t want to use terms that I think are offensive to anyone, even if that’s the way people spoke. I can write around it–but is that shying away from something just because it’s ugly? As a white woman, I don’t feel qualified to talk about race, but is not talking about it the same as ignoring it, a sin of omission?

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  1. Favorite line (I think):

    be ladies and nice to me today, no / pinching, but that’s a stretch.

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