Day 7 poetry writing prompt

Epistolary poetry!

Today, as your persona write a letter to a friend.

If your persona is a fictional character, you can make up the friend, right? But if your persona is real–from history–you can still make up the friend (back in the day, people wrote a lot of letters). Ah, this gets slippery. Is the expectation that poetry is historical–a documentary? Or can it be historical fiction? I remember when Oliver Stone’s JFK came out, I thought it wrong that he (allegedly) played fast and loose with some of the facts. But it wasn’t a documentary.

Here’s an alternate solution: If your person is real and you can find a letter by her or him, use text from the letter interspersed by your persona’s thoughts while writing the letter.

4 Replies to “Day 7 poetry writing prompt”

  1. Today’s favorite lines:

    More shark than gentility, / and taking such delight in the bite.

  2. Yay! Letters!

    “Cousin Caroline, hidden in the rubbish heap / I spied a deadly *Lepiota*, limb / akimbo, scaled hat slanted, ruffled, / like the most prim parasol”

  3. Such fun sounds! “limb / akimbo” “scaled hat slanted” “prim parasol”

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