NaPoWriMo Day 1 poetry writing prompt

Happy Poetry Month! Saturday, I posted that this month’s prompts would be all about persona poems.

Have you chosen your person?

If not, think of a person from history, or from your family history or a fictional character–even a formerly supporting fictional character (in novels, we have the examples of Wicked and Ahab’s Wife).

Now for the prompt:

From an article about the person or–better yet–a letter or article written by the person, choose 10 words. Now, write in the person’s voice, using those 10 words in the poem.

See? Really simple.

Tomorrow, I’ll post my favorite line from this first day’s poem, and I’ll invite you to do the same.

7 Replies to “NaPoWriMo Day 1 poetry writing prompt”

  1. I had to substitute “story” for “article or letter” in your instructions, but I’m happy with the content if not the form of the draft I got. Here’s my current favorite:

    “If only / I were less odd than a talking rabbit.”

  2. Love it! Mine was:

    Yet feeling / this flat light strike the emptied parlor, I stun

  3. Hi! Did you choose 10 words at random, or did you deliberate some? I’m afraid I would overthink the choosing…

  4. Roxanne, the dilemma. I tried not to deliberate, but I wanted to choose words that (I thought) fit with the times. My words (and they aren’t all fancy):

    (I allowed tenses and plural/singular to change.)

  5. Cool. I just MIGHT do these this year… Will have to catch up, but we’re only a few days in so far 🙂

  6. Roxanne, go for it–using these prompts or any others. (April abounds with writing prompts like rain and tulips.)

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