As the crow flies

A lovely event at Blakely House yesterday–with crows in art everywhere. Paintings of crows, art incorporating crow feathers, crow sculptures, and one picture that included the entire text of “Maitre Corbeau sur un arbre perche…” (the art was accented correctly). I memorized that in middle school. I still have the beginning, but I enjoyed seeing the art and reading the whole poem. Then a lecture and slide show on crows, ravens, and magpies in art–across the globe and through the ages.

I had a bit of an adventure getting there. Not my usual suburban anxiety, but because, as I later realized, I had written down the wrong address. Mea culpa! If you were wandering around Issaquah wondering “what in heck,” I offer my heartfelt apologies. I’ve double- and triple-checked all the other addresses and they are good to go.