Saturday poetry pick: Rising, Falling, Hovering

Book coverWhere to start? The poems in Rising, Falling, Hovering by C.D. Wright weave together the personal and political without flinching–trips to Mexico, war beginning in Iraq, the bombs falling, a boy shot in front of a donut store, motherhood. The violence of the world, the violent emotions.

Themes weave through.

And for a form/structure geek, what a pleasure–the title poem split up through the book (it’s long, another pleasure), the poems with two versions (almost the same, but not the same–which gives the comfort of repetition and the invitation of a puzzle), and the “Like” poems.

When I first read Averno, by Louise Gluck, I wanted to read everything she’d written. Same with The Age of Glass, by Cole Swensen. Now it’s the same with C.D. Wright. This book made me want to stretch and write–and write better, more intelligently, more generously.

At the Octopus Magazine site you can read several poems from the book.