Doing less to do more

I used to write about deliberate practice, which continues to fascinate me. But right now, I’m having a hard time just practicing–at all. Writing–at all. Recently, Bethany Reid posted about writing, starting writing, writing for 15 minutes, or even 5, setting your goals low instead of lofty so you could start.

This aligned nicely with a Copyblogger post about micro-goals. Feel overwhelmed? Set your goals lower–small enough that you can actually do them.

Last week, my goal was to do three 15-minutes free writes a day. On my best day, I did two. On my worst day, zero. It is hard to go lower than zero. I was late, I was tired, it was dark, the rain was too loud on the roof of my car. Excuses. Or my goals weren’t low enough.

I believe in muscle memory and the power of habit. I believe in showing up to write. And I remind myself that a lot of that initial writing, most of it, nearly all of it might be dreck, and that’s okay. That dreck is getting me headed in the right direction, even if I can’t see it yet.

Now it’s time to set new goals for a new week.