Saturday poetry pick: Self-Storage

One pleasure of hearing a poet read in person is later reading his or her poems and hearing them in that voice. And, the pleasure of reading Rebecca Hoogs’s Self-Storage, having heard her insightful, wit-full, and well-crafted introductions for the SAL poetry series, is the anticipation that she will bring that same acrobatic music and intellect to her poems–which she does brilliantly. These poems move with a cunning clarity, packed with word-play, and play to get at the deeper sense of things, in a voice that is at the same time don’t-fuck-with-me and vulnerable. Lines between myth and reality, past and present, blur and refocus, but always the speaker pursues the truth that lies beyond what we think we know.

For two examples, see “Self-Portrait as Porcupine” and “Heart, My Box of Snow.”