Day 12: Variations

I’m heading out of town for a week, but I’ll still be posting–and doing–exercises.

The next few days’ exercises are taken from Jill Alexander Essbaum’s “Right Turn, Clyde: Ten Variations on a Broken Poem” in Wingbeats II. It could also be called “Every Which Way but Loose.”
Because there are 10 variations, I’ll be grouping them. Today, we tackle the first three:

Reverse all of the lines. This is similar to day 3, except that you don’t have to reverse each word.

Starting at line two, write all of the even-numbered lines. When you reach the end, write all of the odd numbered lines.

Repeat, but this time start with all of the odd-numbered lines, and then add the even-numbered lines.

This really does feel like exercise, but do you see anything new? We’ll continue this tomorrow.