Day 21: Tell me more stories

Today’s exercise comes from Kevin Prufer’s “Braided Narrative” in Wingbeats II. The goal is to bring together two distinct stories, to intertwine them. The stories can be set in different times, told in different styles, or told by different voices. Make them as different as possible.

Yesterday, we worked on a poem that told a story. Today, do you have another poem somewhere in the back of your files that tells a story? Bring them together, either by alternating sections, or by alternating lines in a kind of call and response. If you don’t have a second story poem at hand, write about a memory that follows you around like your shadow.

I’m excited for this one, because I think that some of my best work has come from combining poems. But usually they are similar poems. Today, I’m looking forward to the tensions that come from combining dissimilar narratives.

Have fun!