Is there an app for that?

I haven’t looked at my New Year’s resolutions in months–but I’ve kept one. I’m walking at least 70,000 steps a week (for an average of at least 10,000 steps a day). This will make my doctor happy. And because I have a FitBit, it’s easy to track. I can check at any time how I’m doing, I can check back on how I’ve done through the week, and FitBit sends me an email letting me know how I did last week. That provides both accountability and encouragement.

I also had a goal to keep 20 submissions out at a time. I aimed to reach that in January. Instead, I sent my 20th out this past Saturday. At this exact moment, I’ve met my goal. That could change, probably will change.

But what about writing? Whether my goal is 20 or 45 or 5 minutes a day, I haven’t been making it. On some days I manage a few minutes in the parking lot before I go in to work. Other times, I’m running late, and I say, “I’ll do it later.” Often, I don’t. Sure, I’m accountable to myself–but miss a day here and there or even three in a row, and it isn’t as obvious as receiving an email message with hard numbers.

I started to wonder: Is there an app to track writing time? I’m thinking specifically of free-write times. Could I press start on my phone, write in my paper notebook, press stop, and then have a weekly view of my free-writing time? I found one app for my Windows Phone, but it involves writing on the phone. If I had to write on my phone…

Now this is starting to sound ridiculous: Why can’t I just say I’m going to write for x minutes every day and do it? Great question–and if I had an answer, I’d be doing it.

How do you schedule writing time? How well does it work for you? Do you track it?