You never know what’s ahead

heron on the path

I was not the only one on the path yesterday.

Slowly I walked forward. Soon after this picture, the heron slowly shifted weight and then took off, flew a few wing beats to a clump of grass in the creek.

Summer left in a flurry–a 30-day poetry challenge, LiTFUSE, a new Hugo House class, and a SAL reading, all like running a wonderful race.

I wanted to say, Happy October! Welcome the season of pumpkins and skeletons that have been in the stores for weeks.

I wanted to say, Enjoy the wonder–you never know what’s coming next.

On the way home, I heard about the shooting today in Roseburg, Oregon.

Happiness and excitement about a new month doesn’t fit with the sadness I feel for the people who were killed, the people who were injured, and their families.

Guns and grief. There’s no good apology, and it’s hard to find even a bad reason.

You never know what’s coming next, but wonder is out there anyway.