Goals, habits, resolutions & revolutions

I like resolutions–whether it’s the beginning of the year, the season, the month, or the week–even the morning. For me, a resolution is an ongoing, continually renewed commitment. The habits I want to start or stop.

I might have goals for the year, one-time things to accomplish. Those are different–and last year, I did better at them.

The habits are for me the hard ones. Last summer, I started a new system for those, and it’s helped.

I print out (on paper!) a blank calendar for the month. Then I pull out my colored pencils and write down the things I want to do or not do daily, using a different color for each. Next comes the fun part: Every success gets a star for its color. The stars are a kind of reward, and a way of being accountable. I can look at a day or week and see how I’m doing. I can see what I’ve missed, what I need to work more on. If I have a day with only one star, it isn’t the end of the world. It’s a map saying that I’ve wandered off course. (Ooh, calendar as map.)

When the month is done, I look at what went well, what didn’t, and what I want to work on or pay attention to during the next month. It might be the same, or it might change. I start over. I renew my commitment.

But I mentioned revolutions. In the much wider community sense, we have more opportunities to foster healing and be better in the world, and here are five New Year’s revolutions.

How can you grow your life, your art? How can you change the world?