April 20: Dear Critic

We interrupt our regularly scheduled prompts to bring you this gem, courtesy of Bethany Reid, who in turn refers us to the Two Writing Teachers blog.

Take a few moments to think about your inner critic. Is he a real person from your past? Is she a Frankencritic, made up of several people you’ve heard from over the years? Or is your inner critic, that voice in your head, a product entirely of your own glorious imagination? What does he or she look like? What does he or she wear? How does he or she sound? From Two Writing Teachers, what kind of face does your Inner Critic make when you are writing and the critic is criticizing? Try making that face.

Now, write a letter to your Inner Critic and be however you want to be—you can be angry, you can be critical right back, you can acknowledge your critic’s good—if misplaced—intentions, you can treat your critic kindly. Just be as specific as possible.