April 2nd’s prompt is brought to you by the letters L and R

I played around with this a little last year (when we were exercising!). It’s really more of a constraint than a prompt, but I’m hoping it will help you reach some new material and have some fun.

Today, write a poem in which each line ends in an L sound or an R sound.

Or use only R sounds at the end (that was the original assignment from a class I took).

Or end each line with L or S sounds.

If that feels like too many choices, you can complicate it up with these extra challenges:

  • 25 lines
  • 4 beats per line
  • Don’t use the same word twice

If you introduce a different end sound or change the number of beats in a line, remember that the line will really stand out. Use it!

And if you have a hard time getting started, write out a list of words that end with the sound or sounds you’ve chosen.

Happy writing!

(It’s funny how in poems I almost never use exclamation marks, but here I have three. Hmm.)