April 3rd’s prompt: Pick a letter, any letter

After yesterday, I decided to skip ahead on the prompts (I’ll add the original prompt below, in case you’re curious or itching for another constraint challenge).

Today’s prompt comes from The Daily Poet.

Quick commercial interlude: This book is great—a prompt for every day of the year. If the prompt for the day you’re on doesn’t nudge you to write, just pick a different day.

For today, which is January 10 in the book, choose a letter of the alphabet and write down all the words that begin with that letter as you come in contact with them throughout the day (keep a notebook with you; this will be hard for me, because I always have a notebook, but I’m not good at stopping to write things down). From the book: “If your letter is W and you are in the kitchen and you see a wine bottle, write down wine bottle. If your child comes in whining, write down whining.” When you have collected about 25 words, “use at least 15 of them in a poem about something that does not start with the letter you chose.”

(Originally, today’s prompt was going to be more like an exercise—in the warm-up phase of Poetry Month: Write a poem that does not include the letter e, or write a poem in which every word includes the letter e, or write a poem that does not include any form of the verb “to be.”)